Tropical Seasons and Weather

The House of Tropical Dreams is located at sea level at 101° W. longitude and 17° North latitude. This places it well into the northern tropical zone. The Troncones area has two season, winter and summer. These are sometimes referred to as the dry season and the rainy season. Tropical Dreams also has two seasons... the Main Season and the Surf Season.

The Main Season begins in November, possibly the most beautiful time of the year in the area. Rain is rare but the ground is still moist from the June to October rains. The hills are leafy green interspersed with the white blossoms of the trees.

By early December the soil is drying. Throughout December there is usually still green on the hills but the flowers have faded and the grazing grass is becoming light brown.

From January through April, while many Norte Americanos are shovelling snow or complaining of cold rains, Tropical Dreamers are basking under clear skies without a hint of rain. Tropical Dreams receives an average of 0.6 inches of rain during this four month period. Daytime highs average 31° C. (88° F) with cooling daytime breezes. Nightly lows are a perfect for sleeping at about 22° (72° F).

May signals the beginning of the end of the Main Season. Although temperatures in Troncones don't change much, Norte Americanos are finding their hometown weather more acceptable. Usually beginning sometime in June, occasional rain turns the hills green overnight. This signals the coming of the Surf Season at Tropical Dreams on July 1. Temperatures rise slightly to daily highs of 32° C (90° F). Rain falls for an hour or less most evenings, dropping the evening temperature to an average of 24° C (76° F). Occasionally storms can bring several inches of rain at a time making road in Troncones difficult to travel. Pickup trucks, Volkswagens and 4x4s do best at these times.

For those who like excitement and don't mind rain, September through early October is the time to be in Troncones. These weeks have the strongest surf, the result of tropical storms in the Pacific Ocean that can also produce lots of rain. These weeks set the stage for the beginning of the Main Season in mid-November.

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