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Building The House of Tropical Dreams

The House of Tropical Dreams and Posada Eden were the first construction projects in the Playa Manzanillo part of Troncones. Both were built by Tim Brennan (Timo) a long-time resident of Zihuatanejo. Timo has built several other homes at Troncones, Playa Linda, Salitrera and other locations.

We selected Timo for a number of reasons. One reason was his integration into the community. Timo was originally from San Rafael California. He came to the area in the early 1970s to do some surfing. He's still here, still surfing, and now very much a part of the community. The first few times Timo took us to look at some of his work the drives took much longer than I expected. Local people kept stopping Timo to tell him about upcoming events, to catch up on information about family and friends, just to chat.

We quickly realized that Timo was not just another gringo living in Mexico. He had become part of Mexico and Mexico had become part of him. If Timo was legitimate enough to be trusted by the locals, that seemed like a good recommendation to us.

In addition to that, Timo's construction is noted for its sturdiness. We didn't want to be wondering about the quality of construction when a tropical storm was coming in or an earthquake was reminding us of the frailty of the human body. We told Timo we wanted the house built to withstand the strongest earthquake the area had ever had. And we wanted it to withstand the strongest hurricane ever in the area.

Then we told him we wanted the house to withstand them both happening at the same time. Timo said that was good, because that was how he built.

Our confidence was strengthened when an engineer from Boeing looked at Timo's construction. He commented, "You're not building for an earthquake. You're building for a direct nuclear hit!"

We're not expecting a direct nuclear hit, but it's nice to know we could take one.