Troncones Travel

What To Bring

You don't need much to have Tropical Dreams in Mexico, but you may want to consider the following for your waking hours.

Insect repellent is always a good idea in the tropics. It may be particularly useful when visiting some of the restaurants or other accommodation or if you have a sensitivity to sand fleas. (Interestingly, two people can walk along the beach together, one returning with bites from sand fleas and the other without a nibble).

The House of Tropical Dreams is equipped with a radio/CD player. Feel free to bring some of your favourite CDs with you, although there may be some of our favourites there too.

The bookshelf currently has about 30 paperbacks. They are mostly mysteries and science fiction, with a few weighty tomes thrown in.

There are a few things that will make your stay more enjoyable:

# Light-weight clothing. (During winter months a light-weight, long-sleeved shirt or sweater as well).

# Sunscreen - you're here for the sun, but not too much of it

# Insect repellent - may be useful during the evening, especially if you leave the doors open during the evening with the lights on inside

# Zip-lock bags - keep all food products (except fruit) in these to keep insects away

# Hats - you may want them for walks on the beach

# Bathing suits

# Good walking shoes - especially if you plan to do the hike to the caves

# Flashlights and batteries for the evening walks on the beach or into the village

# Sandals or other footwear for the beach

# Beach towels (we supply bathroom towels)

# A surge protector if you are planning to bring any sensitive electronic devices

# Snorkel gear (or rent it by the day or week from Jaguar Tours)